Group Donations

Group Donations

At Solomon Park we are consistently short of donors and have a difficult time filling orders.  We also have children and we know how time consuming and frustrating fundraising can be.  Selling candy and magazines, running bottle drives and setting up car washes for fundraisers is a lot of work— and those activities don’t generate much revenue for your team.

That’s why Solomon Park decided to offer sports teams and clubs in the Highline Public Schools District an opportunity to raise money for their programs and activities.  We need donors and we can do a great thing for our community at the same time.  It’s a perfect fit.


It’s easy.  We will donate $50 each time someone affiliated with your group donates blood.  Plus we will pay bonuses for great turnout.  The entire process takes approximately sixty minutes and blood can be drawn at either of our offices in Burien, WA or Kirkland, WA.


Solomon Park has been privileged with over 14,000 blood donations since 1986.  And although heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the US and people of all backgrounds and ages can get the condition, these donations have had a significant impact on the health of millions of people here in the US and across the world.  You have our sincere thanks for partnering with us.