AccuBase CQM™

Custom products
Sample Sets, Quality Controls, Assay Calibrators and Reference Kits 

Accuracy Based Blood and Urine Products – AccuBase-CQM™

Solomon Park specializes in providing frozen serum and plasma with known levels of lipids and various other analytes. We will work closely with you to create custom pools tailored to your needs. In addition to frozen serum, we can supply your laboratory with fresh serum or urine pools.  Bulk and aliquoted packaging.

Solomon Park has a large database of known donors allowing us to provide our clients with a consistent product that meets their specifications. Acquisition of human biospecimens via our network will allow your company the opportunity to grow faster in the highly competitive technology-driven healthcare marketplace.

Analyte Reference Control Kits – SPRL-RefKits™

Solomon Park Analyte Reference Kits (SPRL-RefKitsTM) such as our Lipid Reference Control Kits (LRCs) have been used in more than a thousand labs to help medical professionals ensure that their equipment is accurately calibrated to meet performance criteria for College of American Pathologists (CAP) as well as other proficiency requirements. Developed in collaboration with the CDC, the CLSI C37A method delivers unprecedented accuracy in creating our reference kits.

  1. Custom assembled sample sets consisting of predefined clinical samples or reference sets covering specific reference ranges.
  2. Reference serum sets with analytically determined target values across specific dynamic ranges or desired reportable range of values.
  3. Competency sample sets that can be used for staff training and competency evaluation.
  4. Regulatory serum sets that can be custom designed for use in clinical assay linearity evaluation, AMR verification and reportable range establishment.