Let's face it, maintaining your own medical-grade freezers can be risky, complex, and expensive. By outsourcing this resource-intensive process to us, you ensure that your materials remain viable from receipt through to delivery, saving your organization from expensive freezer maintenance and upkeep expenditures along the way.

Currently, we serve a number of clients, including medical facilities, research labs, and manufacturers.


Every aspect of our cryogenic service has been carefully designed to ensure the preservation and protection of your materials.


Our proprietary freezer monitoring processes are designed from the ground, up to ensure temperatures remain within acceptable ranges at all times.


In the event of freezer failure, our sensorphone system automatically phones designated staff members who are on call to handle any disruptions — immediately. In the unlikely event that the sensorphone fails to trigger, multiple alarms and power sources keep everything smoothly. 


Need your materials back? No problem. Simply let us know and we'll be sure that the right sample is delivered to you right away.


Our delivery services extend beyond simple retrieval and delivery. For the last 20 years, we have been helping manufacturers with their cryo-shipping and distribution operations. Manufacturers simply send us a Purchase Order and we handle the rest, ensuring the order is properly packaged for transport and delivered safely to the recipient.


We ship all over the word and expertly take responsibility for all the logistical complexities of safe, sub-70° shipping.

Enrollment is Easy

First, we determine how much storage space you'll need and then we work with you to get your materials safely shipped to our lab. From there, we totally manage everything. We will introduce your materials into our freezer management systems and ensure that your inventory remains at the precise temperature with zero downtime.

A Complete Solution

Redundant Power

Our freezers are protected by a $180,000 backup generator.

Double-monitoring Systems

Multiple alarm systems ensure that in the unlikely event of an issue, alerts are surfaced quickly and reliably.

On-site and On-call Staff

Our freezers are not just monitored by automation but also by humans.

Month-to-Month Subscriptions

We offer temporary and long-term storage solutions without minimums.

Expandable Capacity

Whether you require one shelf or several freezers, we can accommodate your space needs — even as they grow.

Cryo-shipping and Order Fulfillment

Send us a retrieval request & we'll ship your item anywhere on earth.

"It is very difficult to properly maintain and manage your own cryogenic storage facility. By outsourcing this effort to us, your organization is free to focus on its important work."

— Dr. Patric Clapshaw |  Founder of Solomon Park Research Laboratories.

Packaging Options

Standard Package
$100 per month.

1 Rack

Capacity:  16 2x2x4" boxes.

(512 cubic in. of storage space)

Premium Package
$400 per month.

5 Racks

Save 20%

Capacity:  80 2x4x4" boxes.

(2,560 cubic in. of storage space)

Scale Package
$1500 per month

25 Racks

Save 40%

Capacity:  400 2x2x4" boxes.

(12,800 cubic in. of storage space)

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