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Accuracy Test Kit


Lipid Reference Controls & Calibrators (LRCC) Materials consist of frozen aliquots of pooled human serum with selected analysis of target values for total cholesterol (TCh), HDL-Cholesterol (HDL), and Triglycerides (TG). These values are summarized in the chart below for the lot numbers indicated. All values have been established at the North West Lipid Reference Laboratory (NWLRL) Located in Seattle, Washington.


The NWLRL is an established reference laboratory through the Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network (CRMLN) and certifies manufacturers of clinical diagnostic products that measure total cholesterol, HDL-C, and LDL-C. The CRMLN laboratories use reference methods or designated comparison methods that are rigorously standardized to the CDC reference methods. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the value of the CRMLN’s certification program and encourages manufacturers to certify their products through the CRMLN. The Division of Laboratory Sciences (DLS) maintains lists of the clinical diagnostic products that have been certified by the CRMLN.


Assessment of accuracy using lyophilized or other processed materials for the quantification of total or lipoprotein associated cholesterol presents technical difficulties which have been related to the matrix changes accompanying these manipulations. Frozen plasma and serum pools, however, have been used successfully for the external and internal quality control by the LRC program as well as by other major studies and are considered to be highly reliable materials for quality control or calibration.


Three levels of LRC materials are provided. Levels contain 1.3 mL of human serum per vial. The samples can be used immediately or stored frozen at-70 degrees Centigrade until used.

Please See Table Below for Analyte Values

Pricing is Based on Number of Kits Needed

Number of KitsPrice Per Kit
1 - 50 $71.50
51 - 150$67.93
151 - 250$64.35
251 - 500$60.78
501 + $57.20