Our Lipid Reference Control (LRC) Kits have been used in more than 1,000 labs to help medical professionals ensure that their equipment is accurately calibrated and perfectly configured to pass CAP accreditation checks.

Thousands of organizations trust our LRC kits to keep their equipment functioning properly.


Developed in collaboration with the CDC, the C37A method delivers unprecedented accuracy. Our samples are specifically designed to mimic a patient’s actual blood across dozens of analytes.

Pass the CAP Survey


The College of American Pathologists uses our materials for CAP certification — so why shouldn’t you? Our LRC kits come with reference values so you can confirm that your equipment is giving you accurate results.


By the way, we can create custom solutions for labs or manufacturers that are looking to improve their accuracy with additional analytes.

"Inaccurate test results can be a matter of life and death. We have a responsibility to get this right."

— Dr. Frank Clapshaw |  Founder of Solomon Park Research Laboratories.


At our core, we are a team of scientists who believe that our products must be produced with the highest standards of accuracy and quality.


Every step of our manufacturing process is designed to ensure that our samples are perfectly calibrated and benchmarked — every time.

sample testing

A Complete Solution

Each Kit Has 3 Samples

Our kits include a high-normal, low-normal, and abnormal sample to ensure value match across the entire analyte spectrum.

99.5% Reference Value Accuracy

We lead the industry in accuracy — so much so that the College of American Pathologists uses our kits in their certification programs.

Instant Order Fulfillment

Our kits have already been manufactured to the highest of standards, which means we can fulfill your order within
2-3 days.

Overnight Delivery

Our kits are shipped with dry ice to ensure our samples retain their perfect calibration throughout the delivery process.

Packaging Options

Single Sample

One-Time Accuracy Test Kit

Each kit comes with three 1.3 ml vials.

This includes low, medium, and high levels. Overnight delivery.

Single Sample

Proficiency Survey Preparation Kit

This kit is specially designed to help you pass your CAP certification. 2 weeks prior to your survey, we’ll send you our comprehensive calibration tools to ensure that all of your equipment is perfectly calibrated and ready to go.

12 Samples, Billed Annually

Monthly Subscription Service

Ensure the ongoing accuracy of your labs.

Each kit comes with three 1.3 ml vials.

This includes low, medium, and high levels.

Overnight delivery, delivered monthly.

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We are proud to be an official provider of the CDC's Lipid Standardization Program.

The LSP ensures the analytical accuracy and precision of measurements performed in research studies and routine clinical laboratories by providing blinded standards (LSP samples) traceable to the CDC Reference Laboratory for measuring total cholesterol (TC), glycerides (TG), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), apolipoprotein A-I (apo A-I), and apolipoprotein B (apo B).
Interested in joining the program or learning more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a custom pool that has, for example creatinine?

We are able to make most lipid requests as this is our major emphasis since beginning the laboratory.  Solomon Park keeps a number of records on our donors (approximately 800 individuals with a diverse socioeconomic and ethnic background) including total and HDL and LDL cholesterol; Triglycerides; Glucose; occasionally Creatinine; other analytes depending on requests from our clientele.  We are able to generate pools from other analytes. We have a standard clinical chemical analyzer and are capable of running full range chemistries. Please see our product list below and inquire with us for other specific customizations. 

Can you provide the list of additional products you produce?

National Institutes of Standards and Technology Products:

  • Lipids in Frozen Human Serum, SMR 1951b
  • Lipids in Frozen Human Serum, SRM 1951c
  • Standard Serum Control, SMR 909
  • Blood Serum Electrolytes, SMR 956d
  • Glucose in Serum, SRM 965A
  • Creatinine, SRM 967
  • Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Carotenoids and Cholesterol, SRM 968e
  • Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Carotenoids and Cholesterol, SRM 968f
  • Hormones in Human Serum, SRM 971a
  • Metabolites in Plasma, SRM 1950
  • Fatty Acids in Serum, SRM 2376
  • Normal Serum for cTni, SRM 292
  • Vitamin D, SRM 2970
  • Vitamin D, SRM 2973
  • Vitamin D, SRM 2969


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Products:

  • Serum samples for the CDC sponsored Lipid Standardization Program (LSP)
  • Fresh serum samples for CDC sponsored cholesterol certification


Metrology Laboratory Products:

  • Lipid, organic and inorganic pools for the Singapore based Health Sciences Authority (HSA)
  • Lipid and other metabolites for the Laboratorire National de Metrologie et d’Essais (LNE)


Additional products include custom pools for research projects and manufacturers for lipids and other clinical chemistry analytes.

As a manufacturer of lipid materials, are you certified for cholesterol testing?

Yes, Solomon Park participates in the CDC sponsored Cholesterol Certification program that must be passed on a bi-yearly basis.  The laboratory has been in this program continuously since 1989. And, we have never failed to qualify for certification.  The laboratory also participates in the educational ReLabs program sponsored by the NorthWest Lipid Reference Laboratory (a CDC sponsored CRMLN laboratory) and is monitored for total, HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides on a quarterly basis.

What donor characteristics, conditions and comorbidities does Solomon Park Research Labs, Inc. have access to?

We have access to donors that a variety of medical conditions and/or are healthy normal adults. Additionally, some of our patients have rare conditions or may be taking hormone replacement therapy such as testosterone. We also keep an extensive listing of all donor medications which are updated at every donation and can be requested by clients as an anonymous health history of that donor’s specific status at the time of a particular draw.  Please inquire with us to assess any special patient population request.

Is Solomon Park Research Laboratory FDA registered?

Yes! FEI #3023437, continuous since 1992.

Is Solomon Park Research Laboratories ISO compliant?

Yes, please see the attached link to our certification document.

Does Solomon Park have an Institutional Review Board?

Yes, Our IRB is Institutional Review Services. IRB identification is IRB001. Please visit for details.

Do Solomon Park Research Laboratories test in house or does the laboratory have to send out samples for testing?

Both. If we need to send out any material for outside testing, we will highlight those details in the technical proposal that we send to you and your team.

What internal/external testing capability does Solomon Park Research Labs have?

Internal Testing:

Na, K, Cl, Glucose, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL (calculated), Uric Acid, Creatinine, Fe, Mg, Total Protein, Microalbumin, Bilirubin, BUN, Calcium, Lpa, APO A1, APO B, and Total Vitamin D. We also screen for HIV-1, HIV-2, HBV and HCV. Also run RPR (rapid plasma regain) card test for syphilis.

New assays, TSH and FT4, coming to SPRL.

External testing:

Vitamin D (Total, D2, D3), Testosterone, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, TG, LDL, Lpa, APO A1, APO B.

Are you able to label vials in house and if so, can you send us an example?

Yes, it is actually a very important step in our order fulfillment process. We can create a custom label for your product or you can send us labels and we will label your materials with these labels.

Do pools prepared using the C37-A procedure assure that a laboratory will measure the actual value of an analyte that is in such a pool?

The C37-A procedure was developed with the purpose of obtaining a commutable serum pool that would give statistically indistinguishable results when measuring cholesterol using multiple systems (chemistry analyzers or reagent sources). In this respect, the goal of commutability for cholesterol was shown to be achieved.  However, it should be noted that commutability is only one aspect of the problem in obtaining results from a measurement system.  A second aspect is the assignment of a reference value using a certified reference procedure to a material. When a certified reference procedure exists assignments have been shown to be commutable for a number of other analytes using the C37-A procedure of pool preparation.  To date this list is extensive and includes electrolytes, organic molecules such as uric acid or creatinine, hormones such as testosterone, some macromolecules such as enzymes and other proteins to name but a few of a growing list.