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Solomon Park Research Laboratories supplies human blood products and specializes in lipids and cholesterol standardization. The laboratory also serves as a repository for ultra-low freezer storage for human serum in a number of longitudinal projects in heart disease and diabetes.

                     Human Serum Products:

  • Proficiency Testing
  • Quality Controls
  • Standards

                     Clinical Chemistry Products:

Manufacturer of record:

National Institute of Standards and Technology standard Reference Materials.

  • 1951a (cholesterol)
  • 1951b (cholesterol)
  • 967    (creatinine)
  • 967a  (creatinine)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Lipid Standardization Program
  • Lipid Reference Controls
  • Cholesterol Certification  

Northwest Lipid Research Laboratories University of Washington.

  • Reference Lipid Analysis Basic Survey (ReLABS)
  • Cholesterol Certification Program

                        Ultra-Low Freezer Storage:

  • CARDIA program University of Alabama
  • CHRU Program University of Washington
  • Lipid Standardization Program Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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